Life Jive Radio – 24/7 Music, News & Community

Americana Roots – Defining Americana Music

Country Fried Rock – Music Uncovered

Adobe And Teardrops – Music like your life depends on it.

Eirecana – Blogging On Irish-Americana

La Cienaga – (It’s in Swedish, but they have great video’s and mp3’s)

Nine Bullets [DOT] Net – Music – Booze – Tacos

Twang Alliance of Central Ohio – Featuring the TACO (Twang Alliance of Central Ohio) Podcast

Hear.Ya – Indie Bands. Live Sessions. Daily Downloads

Music Fog – Music coverage of the Americana Revolution.

No Depression – The Roots Music Authority

The Frontloader – So Much Music… So Little Time…

The Gobbler’s Knob – Just a fantastic Americana site

Honey Tupelo – Playing sticky-sweet Americana music

8th Grade Ball – Smart People Talking About Stupid Shit


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. This sticky-sweet americana artist, Mobetta Loretta, is getting airplay on KPFT 90.1 Houston on Laurapalooza’s radio show featuring her new album, “Salt of the Earth.” Check out her song “Mo’ Money” on here:

  2. 307 says:

    “Nine Bullets [DOT] Net – They Were XXX Before Shooter Jennings Decided It Was Cool”

    Holy hell that had me rolling.

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