Wikipedia excerpt – “The Americana Rock Mix is a weekly podcast featuring new music from mainstream and independent artists in the Americana (music) genre. The show is hosted by Von and is occasionally co-hosted with various friends whom are also musicians. Released each Thursday morning, the episodes are generally one hour in length and feature Von premiering a large playlist of new music and sometimes discussing things in his personal life. The show originated in St. Charles, Missouri, USA (approx. 20 Miles outside St. Louis) but, in 2011, was relocated to Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Yup, all of that is true. and pretty matter-of-fact. The more important fact is WHO IS LISTENING. The show is heard around the world (just like anything posted on the internet) by people who know what good music is. And they stay informed of what good music is, by listening to this show. That’s a proven fact*.

This show actually serves as an outlet for something that I enjoy in life, and that’s to enlighten people with the music that is otherwise under their radar. After all, it’s always fun to be the guy to know things first**.

Also, just like you, I have a life to live. And if things of interest happen, I generally talk about them because, more than likely, it’s something you can probably relate to or hope never happens to you because my household isn’t exactly normal***.

For more info, check out the contacts section or the flier below.

* This “fact” is speculative.

** Knowing things first generally just means knowing things before you.

*** Whose life/household IS normal anyway?

2 thoughts on “About

  1. dixonbeach says:

    Check out Original Songs from #1 Americana, Columbia MO, Dixon Beach Band..
    Reverb nation, Facebook, Sounclick

  2. mark middleton says:

    Glad to see Statesboro Revue featured here. Those Texas music southern rock americana playing doctors of music sure put out a great individual sound. A good band never has tracks that sound the same. Ramble on Priveledge Creek is a masterpiece and any good judge of Americana music should sit back and soak up the great sounds, truly great album

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