Episode 278 – The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2015

This ended up becoming a “Mail Bag” episode because, we here at The Americana Rock Mix, have suffered a great tragedy. The death of the music archive. My 3 terabyte hard drive full of music crashed. I’m looking into possibly being able to recover some data. But we’ll see if we can “Frankenstein” it back to life. Fortunately for me, though, I get a ton of submissions through the mail, and so we’re going to check out some stuff that even I haven’t heard yet. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

– Sweet Man of Mine AND Low (Cracker cover) by Sara RacheleIMG_7503
(from Snapshots)

– We’re Just Warming Up AND Prayin’ for Better Days by Keenan Date
(from We’re Just Warming Up)

– Red Letter AND Something Real by Ric Todd
(from Drawing Lines)
Facebook Page

– Sun Gone Down AND You’ve Been A Bad Christian by Rob Williams
(from Southern FM)

– My Country AND Sweet Maria by Ben Bostick
(from My Country EP)

– I Want To Be AND Doin’ It by Jackie Stahl and the White Russians
(from Time)
Facebook Page

Mini-Mix submitted by Kevin Wilkie

– Busted In Baylor County by Shooter Jennings
(from Put The “O” Back In Country)

–  I Wasn’t Born an Angel by RJ Comer
(from Hell Hole Swamp)

– Mother Blues by Ray Wylie Hubbard
(from The Grifter’s Hymnal)


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Voice Mail: 941-773-9102

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One thought on “Episode 278 – The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2015

  1. Von,

    You know I don’t listen to no crap. I love what you do with this show and I’m a long time follower. What follows is no slight at all.

    I LOVED this episode. It made for a perfect soundtrack for spending a quiet Sunday cruising North Carolina on a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s amazing how the whole thing worked together.

    May I suggest you plan to do more “pig-in-a-polk” episodes in the future from time to time? Just throw the rule book out, stick your hand in there, pull a fistful out, throw it up in the air and watch it shimmer like confetti.

    I think it would be fun. This one most assuredly was.

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