Episode 277 – Not A Halloween Show

So, I know that I said that when I came back from vacation that I would do a Halloween show. Well, apparently I lied. The timing just didn’t work out, because I had to plan my Halloween show for the radio. So, instead of just playing the same stuff here, you can download and listen to my Halloween airing of Americana Rock Soundoff! right HERE. But fear not! I DO have a great new episode of The Americana Rock Mix waiting for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Download this episode HEREIMG_7483

Music in this episode:

– Bitter End AND Just Kids by Northcote
(from Hope Is Made Of Steel)

– A Minute Changes Everything AND Here And Now by Ryan Sheridan
(from Here And Now)

– Heartstopper AND Substantial Damage by Keith Richards
(from Crosseyed Heart)

– Young Outlaws AND My Girl & Me in ’93 by Lucero
(from All A Man Should Do)

– She Is a Little B AND Today, Tomorrow, Too Long, Too Late by The BossHoss
(from Dos Bros)

– Life Still Waits AND Wake up to Your Story by Hunter Smith Band
(from Story)

– Mastheads AND Ghost Train by Ghost Town Cryers
(from The Chronicles Of Monday)
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Mini-Mix submitted by Scott Carmichael

– Bad Harmony by Frank Black & The Catholics
(from Pistolero) *EDITORS NOTE: I wrongly stated that this song was from FB&C’s self titled album

– Drownin’ on a Mountaintop by T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks
(from Drownin’ On a Mountaintop)

– John Hardy by Gun Club
(from Miami)
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One thought on “Episode 277 – Not A Halloween Show

  1. Jeremy Evans says:

    Not a Halloween Show but the Mini-Mix was a bit scary! Completely tuneless to my ears but it just shows how we have different tastes. However I loved Northcote, Keith Richards and Hunter Smith. Stay happy Von!

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