Episode 274 – Another Tooth, Another Pain

In this episode I’m definitely trying to keep my mouth shut. I’ve got some insane tooth pain going on, and it hurts to exercise my jaw. Hence no rambling on today. But I still have to record an episode for this week because I’m pretty excited about some of the new music in this episode.  Enjoy!

Download this episode HEREIMG_7022

Music in this episode:

– Eastside Party AND Let Me Do What I Do Best by Thunderbitch
(from Thunderbitch)

– Dark Days AND Rocky by The White Buffalo
(from Love And The Death of Damnation)

– Murphy’s Law AND Mastheads by The Ghost Town Cryers
(from The Chronicles Of Mondays)
Facebook Page

– Sunday Love AND Something’ From Nothin’ by Fairground Saints
(from Fairground Saints)

– California Or Bust AND Special Made by Lance Canales & the Flood
(from The Blessing And The Curse)

– Taildragger AND Fire And Brimstone by Link Wray
(from 3 Track Shack)

Mini-Mix submitted by Jerry From Chicago

– Black Hair Girl by Jesse Malin
(from Glitter In The Gutter)

– Castanets by Alejandro Escovedo
(from A Man Under The Influence)

– Liar by Dwight Yoakam
(from Second Hand Heart)


E-Mail: AmericanaRockMix@gmail.com

Voice Mail: 941-773-9102

Instagram – Twitter – Facebook


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