Episode 270 – Most Humbling

Well done, friends. We met our goal, to pay the yearly fees, within a week. You guys are amazing, and it truly means a lot that you’d act that fast, and with that much consideration, to get things done. Just amazing. I’ve got some great new music for you guys this week, and I keep the talking to a minimum, except for praising you guys. Enjoy!

Download this episode HEREIMG_6604

Music in this episode:

– Tres Borrachos AND Skateboard Blues by Left Lane Crusier
(from Dirty Spliff Blues)
Facebook Page

– All The Way Back Home AND Wake Up, Rounder! by Spirit Family Reunion
(from Hands Together)

– More… AND The Joke Explained by Wilco
(from Star Wars)

– New Kids AND Signs by The Vespers
(from Sisters And Brothers)

– Fractioned AND Kicked Out Of The Chain Gang by Tigers on Trains
(from Antarctica In Color)
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– The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero AND Blood Capsules by The Mountain Goats
(from Beat The Champ)

Mini-Mix submitted by Jake Lemon

1 – Burning Building by Ben Miller Band
(from Anyway, Shape or Form)

2 – Burn. Flicker. Die by American Aquarium
(from Burn. Flicker. Die)

3 – Faraway You by Marah
(from Kids In Philly)


E-Mail: AmericanaRockMix@gmail.com

Voice Mail: 941-773-9102

Instagram: ARockMix
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ARockMix

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