Episode 269 – A Call To Arms

This is where I ask you guys to help out. The yearly dues are coming up next month. Exactly one month from the day that I’m recording this. Once again, the show only goes on with your support, so I’d appreciate any help you can send my way. The donation link is at the bottom of this post. Take a listen to all the great music I’m playing today, and hopefully you’ll find it worth a donation. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE IMG_6516

Music in this episode:

– I’ve Been Lovin’ You AND Dancin’ by Thomas Bryan Eaton
(from We All Want To Be Love)

– Woodshed AND Black & Blue by Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks
(from Woodshed)

– Strength In Numbers AND The First Ever Hooverville by Rebel Mart
(from Amalgamated Saboteurs Local 21)

– 7 Come 11 AND It’s Hard To Make Love To An American by Ike Reilly
(from Am I Still The One For You?)
Facebook Page

– Lonely And Blue AND When We Was Young by Black Vincent
(from Teardrop Deluxe)
Facebook Page

– Wings Of No Restraint AND Soon The Earth Shall Swallow by Danny Schmidt
(from Owls)

Mini-Mix submitted by Tony Shoemaker

1 – Needles And Pins by The Ramones
(from Road To Ruin)

2 – Rode by Dinosaur Jr.
(from I Bet on Sky)

3 – Hit Me by The Whigs
(from Modern Creation)


E-Mail: AmericanaRockMix@gmail.com

Voice Mail: 941-773-9102

Instagram: ARockMix
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ARockMix

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