Episode 266 – 7 Years And Running

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 7 years. That is around 5 times longer than the typical life expectancy of a site that’s run and operated by one guy. It has opened many creative outlets for me, and has connected me with some amazing people. Some of which I’m even lucky enough to call “friend”. From the simple beginnings of the infancy of podcasting, which still had the air of “pirate radio online”, to the now “sophisticated” outlet of celebrities. There’s one thing that makes it worth while. The listeners. YOU. While I’m neither a music pirate nor a celebrity (by any stretch of the imagination), you make me feel important. You make me feel like I’m contributing something to someone, somewhere. Even if it is only for an hour every week. But that feeling that you guys give me, is what keeps this train a-rollin’. With that being said, there’s not really anything special about this episode. I’m horrible at planning these anniversary episodes. But it is full of some GREAT music that I think you’ll dig. I have a bit of a rant (which I know some of you enjoy listening to me bitch about things), and I introduce something that might help you and I connect better with other listeners. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE IMG_6230

Music in this episode:

– Delta Thrash Ways AND My Bumble Bee by Molly Gene The One Whoaman Band
(from Delta Thrash)

– Believer AND 100 Proof by Brutal Jooks
(from Believer)

– All She Can Say AND Outskirts (Buried In the Sound) by American Scarecrows
(from Yesteryear)

– East Of West AND Cold Black Pitch by The End Men
(from Terms And Conditions)

– Love In Minor Key AND  Skeletons by The Whistles & The Bells
(from The Whistles & The Bells)

– Give it Time AND Guadalajara by Old 97’s
(from Most Messed Up)

Mini-Mix submitted by Scott Carmichael

1 – Replacement Man by Dan Sartain
(from Join Dan Sartain)

2 – Parted Ways By Heartless Bastards
(from Arrow)

3 –Promised Land by Harry Dean Stanton
(from Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction)
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