Episode 265 – The Devils Music

In this episode, while recording, I came to the realization that there is a lot of devil related songs, albums and band names in this one. Also we listen to a rap song that samples a riff from Lucero. A little something different.  Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

– My Way Home AND Depending On The Weather by American ScarecrowsIMG_6105
(from Keep Your Devils Around)

– Hey Mama AND Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me by The Satisfactors
(from The Satisfactors)
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– Kiss Me On The Fire Escape AND Escape Velocity by Rhett Miller & Black Prairie
(from The Traveler)

– We Were Just Kids AND Broad Street by PJ Bond
(from Where Were You?)
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– 40 Dollar Bill AND Sad Songs by The Devil’s Cut
(from Antium)
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– Why AND The Devil by Six Mile Station
(from Autobiography)

– Noon As Dark As Midnight by Lucero
(from Lucero)

– Holy Ghost by A$AP Rocky
(from At. Long. Last. A$AP)

Mini-Mix submitted by Phil Mander

1 – Beer Barrel Bar by Wagons
(from Acid Rain And Sugar Cane)

2 – Country Hippie Blues by Natural Child
(from Dancin’ With Wolves)
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3 – Eddie’s Song by King Tuff
(from Black Moon Spell)


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