Episode 233 – The Dram

In this week’s episode I have a few members of the Bradenton, FL band known as The Dram. We talk about music, listen to some good tunes, and they perform some of their fantastic music. It was a first for the Nerd Room Studio, having a trio perform and I enjoyed every minute of it! Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in the weeks episode:

Music performed by Dan Shafer, Becca Shafer, and Sean McInerney of The Dram

– Gigantis

– State Lines

– Bitter Drink

– Hell Below

All songs are currently unreleased, but you can check the band out at their Facebook Page.

– Let Me In AND Stay Reckless by Austin Lucas
(from Stay Reckless)

– Not That Kind AND Black In Bloom by Drag The River
(from Drag The River)

– Bloodletter AND The GB Shuffle by Arliss Nancy
(from Wild American Runners)
Bandcamp Page

– The Devil And Maggie Chascarrillo AND Hey Darlin’ Do You Gamble? by Lucero
(from 1372 Overton Park)

E-Mail: AmericanaRockMix@gmail.com

Voice Mail: 941-773-9102

Instagram: ARockMix
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ARockMix
Vine: “Americana Rock Mix

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