Americana Rock Mix Review: Matt Woods – “With Love From Brushy Mountain”

coverMost of you (if not all of you) already know about Matt’s music. If you’ve not heard it repeatedly on my show, or if you’ve not seen him at a venue near you, then you must be living under a rock. Every Americana blog has sang the praises of Matt’s work. And more than likely, he was put on your radar because those praises were in review of his last album “Matt Wood’s Manifesto“.

Undoubtedly, it’s a self-defeating task to constantly try to improve upon yourself as a singer/songwriter especially when you spend most of your time traveling in a solitary fashion. And it would be one, seemingly, impossible mission to top the album that blew your name out of the water in the first place.

There are only two aspects that one would need to make this happen.

1.) Be Matt Woods

2.) Unabashedly spill out all of your guts for all to see.

With Love From Brushy Mountain” runs the full catalogue of the tools every troubadour should have in his utility belt, Matt begins with the Autobiographical anthem of “Ain’t No Living“, moving onto storytelling of “Snack Bar Mary & The Ten Pin Priest“, and ending out the album with the experiential ballad of “Liberty Bell“. And, of course, in between all of that, are tracks that won’t be forgotten soon either, like “Deadman’s Blues” and “Tiny Anchors“.

The album is an emotional mountain range. The highs are steep and lofty summits, and the valleys are self disparaging contempt. With a few plateau’s in between.

Well done, Matt Woods. It’s currently 10AM on a Tuesday, and I feel the need to go win a 26K marathon, then go cry into a beer.

Pre-order is available now at his official website (see below), and the album is released on May 13, 2014.

For more info on Matt Woods, check out:

Official Website



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