Americana Rock Mix Review: The End Men – “Odds & Ends”

Odds & Ends CoverI first head The End Men from our friend and proprietor of, David Horton. He sent me their album “Play With Your Toys” and I was instantly hooked. The gritty voice, the grungy-almost-percussive guitar sound, and a solid drummer. I’ve compared them, in the past, to The White Stripes. I’m sure that comparison is overly played out, and so I’ll refrain. But the obvious comparison is there. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, so I’ll digress…

The End Men’s newest album doesn’t come out until May, and I was going to hold this review until a closer time to the release, but I can’t hold back on playing a couple of tracks in this week’s episode on Thursday.

On the latest album, Odds & Ends, the duo experiments with their sound a bit more with the help of extra musicians. Collaborations that emphasize the diversity that makes up The End Men’s defining sound…

Defining sound? That’s a wrong choice of words. It’s hard to define their sound. But yet there is a sound that is unexampled to anyone but them. That’s it. The End Men’s music is, even though based on already defined sounds, a previously unexampled sound.

The album almost comes off as a well produced jam session. The collaborations seem almost free flowing and structured at it’s base. Almost like an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. The stage is set for the players, but what comes out is unscripted.

I have to give credit where it’s due, though. They have expanded past the sound of guitar and drums. They heavily utilize their fellow conspirators of sound. There is a spotlight on the fact that the duo’s stage is being shared as opposed to just being accompanied.

Normally when a band releases albums a year-or-so apart, the music doesn’t change much. The albums are practically an extension of each other. BUT, in such a short period of time since their last release, The End Men have advanced their *ahem* unexampled sound, making sure that they can’t be placed in a box and labeled.

For more info on The End Men, check out

Official Website



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