Episode 225 – Renewed Enthusiasm

I’m coming back this week with a renewed spirit about doing the show. I’ll explain why I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about recording the show anymore, and how I realized it was because of my own laziness. And as always, there’s some great music in today’s show. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

– Big Train Rollin’ AND Ten-Time Winner by The Wolftones
(from Neo-Rockin’ Blues-A-Billy)
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– Horse AND The Golden Road by Mighty Oaks
(from Howl)

– King Of Hollywood AND Horseshoe by Withered Hand
(from New Gods)

– Taking It Out On You AND Son Of A Plumber by Edward David Anderson
(from Lies & Wishes)

– Where The River Runs Cold AND Winds Of Change by The Infamous Stringdusters
(from Let It Go)

– Still Go On AND Skipping Stones by Big Shoals
(from Still Go On)

Mini-Mix Submitted by Jeffrey Fields

1 – Simple Twist Of Fate by Bob Dylan
(from Blood On The Tracks)

2 – She Used To Love Me A Lot by Johnny Cash
(from Out Among The Stars)

3 – Shiloh by Magnolia Electic Co.
(from Josephine)


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Voice Mail: 941-773-9102

Instagram: ARockMix
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ARockMix
Vine: “Americana Rock Mix

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One thought on “Episode 225 – Renewed Enthusiasm

  1. Leonard Jessie Creel Jr says:

    I love the music. Great job. Thanks for putting it together.

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