Episode 214 – The Best Of 2013 Pt 2

We are announcing the second part of my “Best Albums Of 2013” list. Hopefully you’ll find this recap of this past years music as enjoyable as I do!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

–  Mayberry AND It Don’t Get Much Better Than This by I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House!
(from Mayberry)

–  Flying Over Water AND Super 8 by Jason Isbell
(from Southeastern)

–  Doghouse Roses AND Spark In The Dark by Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks
(from 12 Rounds)

–  99 Shades Of Crazy AND Standing On The Edge by JJ Grey & Mofro
(from This River)

–  Oh Julia AND Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore by John Moreland
(from In The Throes)

–  Gangsters, Thieves & Villains AND The Maze by LaVendore Rogue
(from What’s The Meaning Of…)

–  Reasons AND Long Yellow Stripe by Left Arm Tan
(from Alticana)

–  Piece Of Land AND Little Bit Of Mud by The Mallett Brothers Band
(from Land)

–  Gates Of Victory AND Ready, Begin by McDougall
(from A Few Towns More)
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–  ‘Round My Head AND The River Cross by Michael Rank & Stag
(from In The Weeds)

–  Dragons AND Songs We Used To Sing by Possessed By Paul James
(from There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely)

–  Wild Bill’s Lament AND Given Take by The Reverend John DeLore
(from Sweet Talk For Pretty Daughters)

–  Paid AND Weights by Sans Abri
(from Shelter)
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–  Still Fighting The War AND Hometown USA by Slaid Cleaves
(from Still Fighting The War)

–  The Price Put On You AND Long Pig by Skeletons In The Piano
(from Please Don’t Die)
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–  All The Same AND The Pirate Song by Suncooked
(from Straight From The Surface)
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–  Till I Leave AND Hands On The Sun by Statesboro Revue
(from Ramble On Privilege Creek)

–  Good Go Bad AND Back Again by Tedo Stone
(from Good Go Bad)

–  Take It Slow AND Pawn Shops by Todd Farrell Jr. & The Dirty Birds
(from All Our Heroes Live In Vans)
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–  Games People Play AND Bird On A Wing by Truth & Salvage Co.
(from Pick Me Up)

–  Hold On AND Cold Dark Night by Uncle Leon & the Alibis
(from Wild Ways)

–  Colly Davis AND One Night In New York by Whiskey Gentry
(from Holly Grove)

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One thought on “Episode 214 – The Best Of 2013 Pt 2

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