Top 10 Americana Rock Mix Episodes of 2013

These are the most downloaded episodes that were released in 2013.

#10 – Episode 182 (right click, save as…) – Ruminations And Self Reflection – This episode is a little odd. I was in a weird mood when I started recording, and it shows a little bit. A little bit of thinking about the past, and whats going on in my head today. I even self edited myself. I never do that.
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#09 – Episode 173 (right click, save as…) – Man On The Run – The name of the episode is either misleading or says it all. I didn’t have time sit down in the studio and record this weeks episode. But I didn’t want to leave you guys without an episode this week, so I’m doing it while traveling around in my car. Hopefully my “popping p’s” and “tapping t’s” won’t annoy you too badly. Enjoy!
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#08 – Episode 172 (right click, save as…) – Shared With The Fairer Sex – My first show in a while that doesn’t have an agenda, besides just playing some great music. This episode has a higher amount of female vocalists than most episodes. We just don’t receive enough submissions from female artists that are unique in the genre, so hopefully this will open the door to that a bit more. Enjoy!
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#07 – Episode 181 (right click, save as…) – First World Problems – Coming back strong after my much need week off. Unfortunately over the past week, the studio was neglected, and it’s amazing how fast things pile up. But at least that means that I have plenty of new music waiting for me to add to future episodes.
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#06 – Episode 175 (right click, save as…) – Fainting Like A Wuss – It’s been… a week. That’s for sure. The title of the episode should give a clue as to what I might talk about. I saw Jon Snodgrass and Cory Branan perform together this week, so that inspired me to mix in some of their great tunes with the other amazing music in this week’s episode. Enjoy!
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#05 – Episode 174 (right click, save as…) – Without Going TOO Country – This week is more low key. I’ve got some sort of stomach virus that is keeping my enthusiasm for anything at an all time low. But there is, as always, some really great music in today’s episode. It gets a little honky tonk, a little red dirt, but I try not to go TOO country with it. Also, I give out some info about the AMERICANA ROCK MIX 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY. Enjoy.
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#04 – Episode 177 (right click, save as…) – Chirp Of Doom – There is a very high pitched and piercing chirp in the studio this week. It’s coming from a smoke detector that I’m not allowed to touch. It’s what my apartment complex calls a “no-hassle luxury”. Well this “luxury” is extremely hassling when you’re trying to record audio… Anyway, I thought this episode was going to be short, but it worked out well. Still coming in at around an hour long. Maybe it’s because the music in this episode is so good, I didn’t notice the time flying by. Enjoy.
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#03 – Episode 197 (right click, save as…) – Drive-By Truckers Discography Pt. 1 – In this episode I talk about the first years of The Drive-By Truckers and I play my favorite selected tracks from their albums.
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#02 – Episode 198 (right click, save as…) – Drive-By Truckers Discography Pt. 2 – In this episode I talk about the latest years of The Drive-By Truckers and I play my favorite selected tracks from their albums.
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#01 – Episode 200 (right click, save as…) – With A Few Helping Hands – Episode 200 is finally here, and I’ve recruited the help of some friends to provide some great music choices for you guys. Plus I’ve obviously got some musical choices of my own. Enjoy!
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