Episode 213 – The BEST of 2013 Pt. 1

We are announcing the first part of my “Best Albums Of 2013” list. Hopefully you’ll find this recap of this past years music as enjoyable as I do!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

–  Bloodletter AND The GB Shuffle by Arliss Nancy
(from Wild American Runners)
Bandcamp Page

–  Stay Reckless AND Different Shades Of Red by Austin Lucas
(from Stay Reckless)

–  Mr. Wishing Well AND Affliction by Big Kettle Drum
(from Nantucket Circle)

–  Black And Chrome AND Brick And Mortar by Boo Ray
(from Six Weeks In A Motel)
Facebook Page

–  Too Free To Live AND Satan’s Foot On My Neck by Brett Detar
(from Too Free To Live)

–  Frank T. James AND The Wind by Brothers Of The Last Watch
(from Brothers Of The Last Watch)
Facebook Page

–  Dirt In The Ground AND Redemption Sound by The Builders And The Butchers
(from Western Medicine)

–  Tear It Down AND Burn Up Bright (Lower East Side) by Butcher’s Blind
(from Destination Blues)

–  Push The World AND Bascom Ave. by Careless Hearts
(from Alum Rock)

–  Don’t You Run Away From Me AND Ohio By The Cerny Brothers
(from The Cerny Brothers)

–  Frac Sand Blues AND Why Wait by Corey Koehler
(from FM)

–  Alexandria AND Blooms By Chris Mills & The Distant Stars
(from Alexandria)

–  Often Wrong, Never In Doubt AND This Night (Never Ends) by The Deadfields
(from Often Wrong, Never In Doubt)

–  Not That Kind AND Black In Bloom by Drag The River
(from Drag The River)

–  Run Away AND Long Way To The Ground by The End Men
(from Play With Your Toys)

–  The Politician AND Baghdad to the Bayou by Erin McKeown
(from Manifestra)

–  January In Louisiana AND Wild Child by Fifth On The Floor
(from Ashes & Angels)

–  The Job AND Mexico by Five Horse Johnson
(from The Taking Of Blackheart)

–  Plain Sailing Weather AND Polaroid Picture by Frank Turner
(from Tape Deck Heart)

–  Muddy Waters AND Breaking Through by The Gospel Whiskey Runners
(from Hold On)

–  Desert Lark AND Family Home by Great Peacock
(from Great Peacock)

–  The Show Must Go On AND Silver and the Age of Opulence by Have Gun, Will Travel
(from Fiction, Fact Or Folktale?)

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One thought on “Episode 213 – The BEST of 2013 Pt. 1

  1. Brett Vester says:

    That Brett Detar song sounds a little too similar to Ryan Adams’ “If I am A Stranger” for my taste.

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