Americana Rock Mix Review: Kent Eugene Goolsby – “Trophies Of Youth”


I have repeated myself many, many times that This Is American Music is THE place for the best new music. On a monthly, sometimes even weekly basis, I can count on these guys to shine a spotlight on amazing content that would have sat under the radar of small media like myself.

I wouldn’t know about Kent Goolsby if it were not for these guys. One of the nicest and hard working musicians I have ever met. In fact, his hard working mentality about his music career is in no small account a reason for this new album to exist.

It’s hard to find fellow musicians who care as much about your labors of love as much as you do. And so Kent has struck out on his own, creating an introspective and heartfelt album with the assistance of Joey Kneiser (of Glossary)

Kent truly embodies his influences to the fullest extent. Citing a mix of John Prine, The Band, even Bob Dylan as a basis for his sound, Kent makes it his own with his trademark road-worn-and-weary voice that sounds like it fits at home with old spirits he is influenced by.

It almost seems that this album was recorded 40 years ago, then hidden away, and just resurfaced. It fully harnesses the sound that defined the 70’s era of Americana music.

It’s difficult to bring up Kent Gooslby’s name without mentioning The Only Sons. Actually, it would be a discredit to Kent to not mention his past endeavors. But, if only, to mention them for the sole reason to say that if you are looking for more of the same that you would find on an Only Sons album, you’d be looking in the wrong spot.

In fact, it seems safe to say that Kent has moved on from The Only Sons, finding solace in the sound of past times that still remains classic to this day.

The album won’t be released until August 6th , but you can listen to the first single off of the new album over at Kent’s official site right HERE.

To find out more about Kent Eugene Goolsby, check out:



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