Theme Song Contest

Episode 200 is a mere 17 (edit: now 15) episodes away. I introduced a new show intro (theme song) with episode 100, and I’d like to do the same with episode 200. But instead of doing it myself, I’m asking for your help. The person who produces the song that is chosen will receive the entire catalog of The Americana Rock Mix. That includes all regular episodes, all Live Archive episodes, all Lo-Fi Videocasts, and the exclusive episodes that were only available at certain times. Plus, at the end of every episode, you will receive credit.

The song that is currently used is a looped riff from the Two Cow Garage song “Brass Ring” and has audio clips of myself from various episodes and clips from “Freaks And Geeks” and “Almost famous” overlayed on top. With an “opening” for me to announce the episode number. It’s a big mash up of stuff. So, it’s not brain surgery, but I thought I’d lay the opportunity upon you for fun.

If interested in putting something together, you can e-mail me at I will gladly help you with any clips that you might need or tracks to use.

I look forward to hearing what you have!


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