Anniversary Show Pre-Sale and NineBullets Radio

Hello friendlies!

I was going to send this out yesterday. But, being that it was April Fools Day, I didn’t want any of this to be disregarded without being looked at first. I know that I’m guilty of doing the same thing…


The Americana Rock Mix is taking this week off. There will be no new episode this Thursday, BUT that doesn’t mean that yours truly won’t be in your ear buds at all.

On Saturday I’ll be hanging out with my buddy Bryan Childs (of on his radio show NineBullets Radio. We’ll playing some tunes and talking about the upcoming Anniversary Party.

If you’ve ever listened to us co-host in the past, whether it was over at The Americana Rock Mix, or the old Thursday night edition of NineBullets Radio, then you know that we play some pretty kick-ass music. And to top it off, NineBullets Radio is now a full two-hour show! So that’s twice as much kick-ass than you’re used to!

If you’re local to Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota, then you can tune in at 88.5 FM. And if your outside of Florida, then you can tune in at and listen to the live stream. It all goes down from 2-4PM EST (So that’s 1-3PM CST, 12-2PM Mountain Time, and 11AM-1PM PST).


Speaking of the Anniversary Party…

I understand than a lot of you are out of the country. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any of it. If you buy at ticket from the pre-sale, you will still receive the 5 Year Anniversary Episode that is only exclusive to party-goers and ticket holders. So think about it. Your contribution will help towards funding the party!

Ticket pre-sales are going on now. And can be found right HERE!
And if you want to read the party announcement, then check out this page of and see all the bands/artists and other entertaining things going on that night. I’m still looking for one more band to fill a time slot.

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