Episode 178 – Pretty Solid

It’s seems that my turn-of-phrase lately has been to call things “pretty solid” when I think things are good. I don’t know where it came from. I say it at least twice in this episode. It just popped up one day. Weird how that happens.

Anyway,this show is packed with some really great music! Enjoy!


Music in this episode:

– 20 Pound Hammer AND Hoodoo Voodoo by Righteous Hillbillies
(from Trece Diablos)

– Desert Lark AND Family Home by Great Peacock
(from Great Peacock)

– My Way AND Particle And Wave by El Cantador
(from Translation Wave)

– On Route To Antigua AND The Golden Horse by Garrett Pierce
(from City Of Sand)
Facebook Page

– You Wreck Me AND Red Wing by Kamara Thomas & The Ghost Gamblers
(from Earth Hero)

– Wrong Way Street AND Long Way To The Ground by The End Men
(from Play With Your Toys)

– Ride AND Deal Gone Down by Wayne Hancock
(from Ride)

– Love Affair AND El-Ay by Rogue Valley
(from Crater Lake)

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One thought on “Episode 178 – Pretty Solid

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