Grass Roots Campaign And Anniversary Party


For those of you who have connected with me on Facebook, either personally or have “Liked” the Americana Rock Mix Page, or through Twitter then you already know about the grass roots campaign I have going on. But it also occured to me that not everyone uses those outlets, so I should contact your personally. The best way to expand interest of the Americana Rock Mix name, is to recruit the help of those people already interested.

So, your part of this is super easy. If you send me your mailing address, I will send you a handful of stickers, FREE of charge. Keep a couple of the stickers for yourself, and then give the others to people whom you think might enjoy the show. On the backside of the stickers is a link to an exclusive introductory episode of The Americana Rock Mix specifically geared for new and first time listeners. It’s THAT easy. Keep some for yourself and share with your friends. Boom.

Americana Rock Mix RADIO!

You guys have been amazing with your support of Americana Rock Mix RADIO! The response that I’m getting is incredible, especially when I stream the debut of a bands new album for the first time. Those bands always tell me that you guys respond and are supportive to them, and THAT is what makes this worth the effort.

If you’d like to connect with Americana Rock Mix RADIO!, it’s really easy. It can be found various ways. If you’re online, you can stop by and connect to it there, or you can use THIS direct link to go to the station site. And from there you can tune in, by either listening on the station page, or streaming through Windows Media Player, or iTunes.

Speaking of iTunes – if you’re an Apple enthusiast like me, then you can download the LifeJive Radio App for FREE. And you can tune into Americana Rock Mix RADIO! through your iPhone or iPad!


2013 marks the 5th year that The Americana Rock Mix has been up and running. 5 freaking years… And to celebrate, we’re having a party. It’s not a cake and ice cream party, it’s a beer and live music party. On Saturday, June 15th we’re having our shindig in St. Petersburg, FL at one of my favorite spots to catch live music, Crum’s Bar And Grill. $5 at the door gets you in, along with your first raffle ticket for door prizes an A.R.M. sticker with an exclusive party only episode. And we’ll be raffling off other items throughout the night. ALSO, Florida Beer Company will be in the house doing some awesome promo stuff as well. Maybe free beer, hmmm?

Band names will be released shortly. Tune into new episodes of The Americana Rock Mix through iTunes OR the website every Thursday to catch up on who’s playing the show and any further developments.

That’s about it for now. So, until I talk to you next time, take care of each other.

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