Americana Rock Mix Review: Big Kettle Drum – “Nantucket Circle”

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The last release from Big Kettle Drum made it into my top albums of 2012. So, when this EP popped up in my email inbox, it jumped to the top of my listening pile.

“Nantucket Circle” is a release of raw feelings and emotions that had built up during a very difficult time in the life of, front man, Brant Menswar. His son, Theo, was diagnosed with a rare form on cancer in his blood called Myleodysplastic Syndrome. Theo had to undergo a bone marrow transplant, and the effect of this was felt though out the band.

With the help of their close friend, Marty Dodson (who has chart-topping songs with George Strait, Dierks Bentley, Joe Cocker, & more), they were able to properly place these strong emotions on tape.

Despite the very unfortunate and heavy-hearted backstory prior to their recording sessions, the album is not a downer. Despite the fact that some of lyrics would definitely lead to a conception of defeat, the band still maintains their mostly upbeat sound and story driven lyrics without burdening the listener. Rather, there is a strong sense of endurance and promise.
This EP is somewhat contradictory in the fact that sometimes the music tells a different story than the lyrics.
So with that being said, listen with your headphones on, turn it up, and pay attention.
For more info on Big Kettle Drum, check out:
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