Episode 138 – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

In this episode I respond to an issue that a couple of people had with the last episode. The title of this episode should give away my response to that issue. Also, I’m now a strong advocate for getting massages. Awesomeness never felt so good. And in between these segments of talk, I pack in some awesome music with the likes of which I’m pretty have been unheard.



Music in this episode:

– The Great Despiser AND Stronger Than The World by Joe Pug
(from The Great Despiser)

– Not For The Faint Of Heart AND Gone Is The Darkness by Black Creek
(from Not For The Faint Of Heart)

– Artists And Their Sentiments AND Wealth by Doubtful Sound
(from Coffee Companion (or a Doubtful Sounding EP Volume II))

Mini Mix by Popa Tunes (www.PopaTunes.blogspot.com)

1 – 13 by The Rhythm Hawks
(from Unreleased) but can be downloaded for free HERE

2 – Crime Scene Cleanup Team by Tin Horn Prayer
(from Get Busy Dying)
Facebook Page

3 – Hangman by The Legendary Kid Combo
(from Caravansaray)
– Doors Of Amsterdam AND Dream World by Jack Saunders
(from A Real Good Place To Start)

– Falling Apart Makes AND Gingham by The Sparklers
(from Crying At The Low Bar)

– Gillian AND Janene by The Illegitimate Sons
(from American Music)

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One thought on “Episode 138 – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

  1. gjhare says:

    ..this comment doesn’t really differ from my previous Von – just luv your music and your info statements between tracks. Your comments on the 2 emails you received (although I’m ignorant on their context..), was great – you’ve put topic to rest, no further comments from the 2 senders necessary………except maybe, “sorry bud, misunderstood ya” GH

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