Episode 132 – Let Us Just Relax

I took off from doing a show last week, it was a short notice kind of thing. But thanks for coming back this week to see what I have in store for you. It’s kind of a chill-out week for me, so we’re just going to sit back, hang out with Boris, and listen to some great music.


Music in this episode:

– Carolina Backroads AND Dandelions by The Deadfields
(from Dance In The Sun)

– Crowbar Hotel AND I Love Your Army by Chadwick Stokes
(from Simmerkane II)

– Domino Effect AND Burden by Van Ghost
(from The Effect EP)

– Corn Whiskey AND For The Ride by Eastbound Jesus
(from Holy Smokes)

– Shackled And Drawn AND We Take Care Of Our Own by Bruce Springsteen
(from Wrecking Ball)

– Dirty Jokes AND Gravity And Time by Dan London
(from Happy To See Me)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 132 – Let Us Just Relax

  1. gjhare says:

    Unsure what your audience numbers are Von, but Ep 132 (like all the rest..), is a belter, a gem – progressive Americana Rock at its best….thanks bud..GH

  2. Rachel says:

    Once again, you hit it out of the park!

    • Von says:

      Thanks! It’s nice to know that even when I’m at my least prepared, I can still provide something that people will enjoy.

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