Review – “I’m Dead, Serious” by Micah Schnabel

It’s undeniable that Micah is a master of the “lamenting-a-failed-relationship” song. The “what ifs”, “should haves”, and “wish I didn’t’s” of any failed relationship are all present in familiar form. From the opening line of the opening song, “Choir Boys”, the tone for the album is set by the line “You’ve got to be kidding me. Is this really how this is gonna end?“. The theme of heartbreak is run straight through to a line in the final track of the album, “This is My Headstone”, where he confesses “It takes a better man than me, I guess, to carry all this loneliness. If you want to know my one regret, well, I never really found her“.

The songs of heartbreak and spite are entwined with tales of a weary traveling musician, and Micah’s disenchantment with religion. All proving entertaining because of the slick lyrics used. At any point, on any song, without fail you can imagine vividly what is being said both upfront and in between the lines.

As for the production, it seems that this album is a little less gritty that it’s predecessor. The arrangements are more pop oriented, but it works in a weirdly positive way. The poppy uptempo bass and piano intro of “The Heavy Things” starts you off happily (and later uncomfortably) singing along about the unfortunate death of a friend.

Overall it’s the perfect album to listen to if you’ve just broken up with your girlfriend or feel like sulking over a loss in general. But in a catchy way that could possibly cheer you up. (?)

The digital download of this album made it into my top 24 albums of 2011 (even though it’s physical release isn’t until 2012).

For more info on Micah Schnabel go to:

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