Review – “Mergers And Acquisitions” by Have Gun, Will Travel

There isn’t much that I can say here that I haven’t already said on my show. But, to put it in more of a substantial note, here are my thoughts on this album.

It’s hard to determine what it is that makes Have Gun, Will Travel sound so unique. With the influx of Alt. Country, Americana, Folk bands out there, it becomes that much harder to develop a sound that will cut through the noise. Whatever that sound may be, it helped them hit a strong stride with their last album “Postcards From The Friendly City“.  Anyone who enjoys great music has already heard that album, and it’s hard to deny that mainstream radio did themselves a disservice by not recognizing how underrated that album is.

But when a band has an album that is that enjoyable, and is such a leap from the  previous album (“Casting Shadows Tall As Giants“) there comes a little bit of dread when a new album is on the horizon. It raises questions like “How will this hold up?” “Was the last album just a lucky accident?”, etc.

I can definitely say that the band did not lose their stride. While “Mergers And Acquisitions” is not necessarily better than “Postcards”, it is by NO means any less of the high standard set by that album.

In fact, if anything, this album proves that HGWT are aware of what their sound is, and are ready to play around with it. “Mergers” runs a gamut of situations and themes that have been in Matt Burke’s head that past couple of years. Between the exercises in storytelling like “Katharine, Don’t Fall The Wagon” and “Crooked Chords” and the political statements of “To The Victor Goes The Spoils” and “Streets Of New England” to the tales of touring like “Thirteen Miles To Empty” and “Time Machine“, this strong bevy of songs on “Mergers And Acquisitions” proves that the band is expanding on what we have come to know and love about their music.

A recent interview with HGWT frontman, Matt Burke, can shed some insight on “Mergers And Acquisitions” and can be found HERE.

Here is their latest music video for “Thirteen Miles To Empty” featuring Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage and Devon Stuart of The Snakehealers

Thirteen Miles to Empty from Brad Fleming on Vimeo.

For more info on Have Gun, Will Travel, check out:

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One thought on “Review – “Mergers And Acquisitions” by Have Gun, Will Travel

  1. I like the post and also enjoyed the video. Keep posting Thanks.

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