Episode 120 – Auditorily Twanged

In this episode there seems to be some pretty twangy tracks. Completely unintentional, it’s just the way that the dice rolled. But it all fits together very nicely. Also, I talk about how you can get a hold of the exclusive episode (IF I win the 2011 Podcast Awards), the fact that I’m in the early stages of getting together my 2011 SXSW Showcase, and why I’m giving up draught beer.


Music in this episode:

– Machine AND Wild Irish Rose by The Whitetrash Whiplash
(from Whiskey Gun)

– Fool`s Gonna Fly AND Too Old To Die Young by Will Hoge
(from Number Seven)

– Hard Tac AND All The Things You Do by Chris Altmann
(from Que Paso)

– The Fort Garry Horse AND Ballad of John Grove by Sinful Savage Tigers
(from Last Night of the Revels)

– Bad Way AND Can’t Change Me by Lydia Loveless
(from Indestructible Machine)

– Where You Been AND The Great Divide by Fallon Cush
(from Fallon Cush)
(I accidentally pronounced it as CRUSH. Apologies to the band.)

– Rotten to the Core AND Family Tree by The Builders and the Butchers
(from Dead Reckoning)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 120 – Auditorily Twanged

  1. gjhare says:

    ..backtracking through your archives Von; ep 120 in one of my favs. Thanks for introducing me to the many talented american artists on your great show – hope you’re also receiving a lot of diserved support…GH

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