Episode 114 – Intervention Records

In this episode we cover some of the Americana artists on Intervention Records. And this time I’m throwing in three songs per artist to sweeten the pot a little.


Music in this episode:

– Last Of The Troubadors AND Bastards Of Fun AND Billy
By Alexander Hudjohn
(from Acreage)
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– Strike & Set AND Sun Go Away AND Ode To You
By Cousin Eddie
(from Something Real Nice EP)
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– Bulletproof Tiger AND Jack Of All Trades AND Ebb Of My Flood
by Brian Stevens
(from Red Eyes On Orange Horizons)
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– Reconnecting AND Midnight Runners AND Burning Down The Billboards
by Curt Baer
(from Northwest Tour EP)
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– Bend Your Knees AND Baby Boy AND Suwanee
by Julie Karr
(from Julery)

– Studded Jackets AND Choke AND Postcards
by Matt Evans
(from Acoustic EP)
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– People Watching At Clapham Junction
by Mike Scott
(from Intervention Records Sampler – Vol 1)

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