Live Archive – Two Cow Garage

This one starts out a bit slow and soft with a band warm-up featuring Jon Snodgrass.  But it quickly builds to power house. Just like every Two Cow Garage show.

Two Cow Garage
3 Kings Tavern
Denver, CO

Download the episode HERE


– – warm up –
– Fired And Flood *
– Can’t Hardly Wait *
– – amp fire interlude –
– Folksinger’s Heart
– Glass City #
– Should’ve California
– Humble Narrator
– Come Back To Shelby
– Mediocre #
– Skinny Legged Girl
– Brass Ring
– No Shame
– Bastards and Bridesmaids
– – encore –
– Camo Jacket
– I Will Be Released (Dylan)

* Jon Snodgrass & Two Cow Garage

# Shane’s vocals low throughout the show.

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Voice Mail: 813-458-5270

Listen twice a week! 10AM Wednesdays and 5PM Sundays on the Eclectic Heaven channel on LifeJive Radio at

Skype: ARockMix

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