Introducing Premium Subscriptions

It’s a common saying in life, “Out with the old and in with the new”. And in a world (aka the internet) where it seems that the old is always around, that can’t always be true. After recently changed it’s service provider and server space, all content linking to my show’s mp3’s files were gone. And no longer available online. And quite a few of you ask me on a weekly basis about how to get a hold of older episodes.

So in order to rectify this event, I’ve started a new service.

As more new episodes get posted, the older episodes disappear into cyberspace (and eventually get placed on the new service).


A donation of $3 (three dollars) will get you 5 episodes of your choosing. Just go to the PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS page, and check out the list that is available. Even episodes that contain my most embarrassing moments like my interview with Roger Clyne (of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) or even my *shudder* first episode. After your donation, just drop me an email at, and let me know what your choices are. And shortly after, you’ll receive links to download the episode(s).

But if you don’t feel like donating, there is PLENTY of free content still available like the NEWEST EPISODES and the LIVE ARCHIVE & LO-FI VIDEOCASTS.

Feel free to check out all the lists, and hopefully you’ll find something new that you haven’t checked out before.


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