Episode 110 – Against All Odds

The odds were against me this week. It gives me such a sense of relief for the week to finish an episode. Because I typically spend two days planning what I’m going to play, and even then, I usually change something right before I start to record. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of time this week. I was expecting some music that never showed up, which means I couldn’t prepare music that I didn’t have, and so I’m pulling this show out of thin air. Also, the episode is late this week because I was tending to Boris who just recently started a bout with arthritis or a pulled muscles or something. AND I have new equipment that I’m trying to tweek.

I know… excuses, excuses.  Anyway, here we go.


Music in this episode:

– John The Dagger by Grayson Capps
(from The Lost Cause Minstrels)

– Holy Water AND Waste Of A Wedding by Leeroy Stagger
(from Little Victories)

– Ghost of Lila Pearl AND Livin’ in My Heart by Left Arm Tan
(from Thurm)

– We’re All Gonna Die AND This is Why I’m Hot by Andrew Jackson Jihad
(from Split EP)

– 301 AND Ghostwriting by Matt Butcher
(from Ghostwriting)

– Dice Were Down AND One More Time by Butchers Blind
(from Play For The Films)

– For Fear Of Losing AND Hunted By Ghosts by The Local Strangers
(from The Local Strangers)

– All The Talkers AND Only In My Double Mind by Centro-matic
(from Candidate Waltz)

– The Domino Effect by Van Ghost
(from The Domino Effect)

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One thought on “Episode 110 – Against All Odds

  1. bob wilkins says:

    awesome show. loved the left arm tan

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