The Everybodyfields say “Goodbye”


The was posted on The Everybodyfields site on Friday. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming. Check it out:

Dear friends,

We have had such a blast playing for all of you in the past five or more years. We have slept on your couches, floors, patches of grass, and the occasional dog bed. We have drank your beer, eaten your burgers, and laughed and laughed with many of you until the early morning hours. We have played shows for you from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Maine. We have played venues such as The Kennedy Center, The Fillmore East, and the Johnson City Mall (our first show as a band). There have been happy times. There have also been hard times. But, most of all, when we set out to play music years ago, we knew that we couldn’t do it alone. We needed you. Every last one of you. And you have always been there.

So, it is with heavy, hopeful and forward-looking hearts that we are now saying so long for now to the everybodyfields so that we can officially pursue our own solo careers.

Jill Andrews ( and Sam Quinn and Japan Ten (

We still need you. Maybe more now than ever.

So, come join us on the road, check out our new songs, and maybe even feed us when we are in your town. We won’t stop giving to you our honest and heartfelt songs. Oh and we can still be found at where you can buy our music and merch. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll find some new stuff there, too.

We will no longer be updating or emailing from the everybodyfields (for now, at least), so make sure to sign up for jill and sam’s mailing lists…

HERE for Jill
HERE for Sam

Until next time, thank you for your support. We will see you soon.

-Jill Andrews and Sam Quinn;
the everybodyfields


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