Live Archive – JJ Grey & Mofro



JJ Grey & Mofro
Magnolia Festival
Spirit of Suwannee Music Park
Dance Stage
Live Oak, FL



– Footsteps >
– Turpentine
– Brighter Days
– Fireflies
– War
– Dirtfloorcracka
– 10,000 Islands
– Florida
– Lochloosa
– Orchestra Intros
– Everybody’s
– Six Ways From Sunday >
– Band Intros >
– Six Ways From Sunday
– Ho Cake

w/ members of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
w/ Andrew Trube on bass (Greyhounds)
w/ Anthony Ferrell on keys (Greyhounds)


Skype Name & Twitter: AROCKMIX

Comment Line: 636-486-4416

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One thought on “Live Archive – JJ Grey & Mofro

  1. Mofro Fan says:

    This was one helluva show. It’s the one that really gave them their push. Thanks for putting it up!!

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