Episode 280 – A Mini Episode

The length of this episode is a bit shorter than usual. It’s really just because of time constraints, but that also mean that I might actually put out TWO episodes this week. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE IMG_7595

Music in this episode:

– Deacon Brody AND Walter by The Yawpers
(from American Man)

– Bullet Belt (feat. Butch Walker) AND Boys Can Never Tell (feat. J. Roddy Walston) by Shovels & Rope
(from Busted Jukebox Vol. 1)

– I Guess It’s Alright to Be an Asshole AND Fat And Merry by Jason Boland & the Stragglers
(from Squelch)

Mini-Mix submitted by Gary Tomkinson

– Welcome to my Head by Willie Nile
(from Streets Of New York)

–  New World Order by Jesse Malin
(from The Heat)

– Waiting To Derail by Whiskeytown
(from Strangers Almanac)
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Episode 279 – Pig In A Polk

Continuing with how we did the last episode. This one is pretty similar. Except this time, there’s no actual physical mail. It’s all submissions that I’ve received digitally. Enjoy!

Download this episode HEREIMG_7568

Music in this episode:

– A Song To Hide Behind (Hail!) AND Dopamine Baby by Million Hollers
(from Once Upon A Whiskey)

– Walt Disney AND The Longer It Lingers by Shinyribs
(from Okra Candy)

– Hellfire & Damnation AND Chorus Of Crows by Fire Next Time
(from Cold Hands)

– Echo Of A Heavy Slamming Door AND Machines by Drunken Prayer
(from The Devil And The Blues)

– Hell Or High Water AND Long Rope by Joe Mansman & The Midnight Revival Band
(from Too Far Gone)

– Oklahoma Breakdown AND Easy She Comes by Stoney LaRue
(from Us Time)

Mini-Mix submitted by Jerry From Chicago

– Blood On Your Bootheels by Caroline Rose
(from I Will Not Be Afraid)

–  Lines On The Road by Kristin Diable
(from Kristin Diable and the City)

– Too Bad by Lilly Hiatt
(from Royal Blue)


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Episode 278 – The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2015

This ended up becoming a “Mail Bag” episode because, we here at The Americana Rock Mix, have suffered a great tragedy. The death of the music archive. My 3 terabyte hard drive full of music crashed. I’m looking into possibly being able to recover some data. But we’ll see if we can “Frankenstein” it back to life. Fortunately for me, though, I get a ton of submissions through the mail, and so we’re going to check out some stuff that even I haven’t heard yet. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

– Sweet Man of Mine AND Low (Cracker cover) by Sara RacheleIMG_7503
(from Snapshots)

– We’re Just Warming Up AND Prayin’ for Better Days by Keenan Date
(from We’re Just Warming Up)

– Red Letter AND Something Real by Ric Todd
(from Drawing Lines)
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– Sun Gone Down AND You’ve Been A Bad Christian by Rob Williams
(from Southern FM)

– My Country AND Sweet Maria by Ben Bostick
(from My Country EP)

– I Want To Be AND Doin’ It by Jackie Stahl and the White Russians
(from Time)
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Mini-Mix submitted by Kevin Wilkie

– Busted In Baylor County by Shooter Jennings
(from Put The “O” Back In Country)

–  I Wasn’t Born an Angel by RJ Comer
(from Hell Hole Swamp)

– Mother Blues by Ray Wylie Hubbard
(from The Grifter’s Hymnal)


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Episode 277 – Not A Halloween Show

So, I know that I said that when I came back from vacation that I would do a Halloween show. Well, apparently I lied. The timing just didn’t work out, because I had to plan my Halloween show for the radio. So, instead of just playing the same stuff here, you can download and listen to my Halloween airing of Americana Rock Soundoff! right HERE. But fear not! I DO have a great new episode of The Americana Rock Mix waiting for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Download this episode HEREIMG_7483

Music in this episode:

– Bitter End AND Just Kids by Northcote
(from Hope Is Made Of Steel)

– A Minute Changes Everything AND Here And Now by Ryan Sheridan
(from Here And Now)

– Heartstopper AND Substantial Damage by Keith Richards
(from Crosseyed Heart)

– Young Outlaws AND My Girl & Me in ’93 by Lucero
(from All A Man Should Do)

– She Is a Little B AND Today, Tomorrow, Too Long, Too Late by The BossHoss
(from Dos Bros)

– Life Still Waits AND Wake up to Your Story by Hunter Smith Band
(from Story)

– Mastheads AND Ghost Train by Ghost Town Cryers
(from The Chronicles Of Monday)
Facebook Page

Mini-Mix submitted by Scott Carmichael

– Bad Harmony by Frank Black & The Catholics
(from Pistolero) *EDITORS NOTE: I wrongly stated that this song was from FB&C’s self titled album

– Drownin’ on a Mountaintop by T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks
(from Drownin’ On a Mountaintop)

– John Hardy by Gun Club
(from Miami)
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Vacation Time!

I tried to get out an episode this week. I really did. I have it all laid out, and ready to go. A bunch of new music ready to be heard by eager ears. Unfortunately my timeline for this week hasn’t allowed and won’t allow me to sit down and record it. IMG_7324

That’s because on this upcoming Wednesday night, the wife and I are headed to St. Louis, MO for a few days, and that means a lot of “getting ready” for the trip. We’re driving the whole way and back, so there’s a lot of prep work.

SO… no episode this week or next week. But, I’ll definitely have one for you the week of the 29th. I’ll see if I can pull together a Halloween episode for you guys, as that’s my favorite time year!

Talk to you again in a couple weeks.

Much love.


P.S. Even though I’m on vacation, all of my contact info is still valid, so feel free to contact me at any time.

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